Step Deck Trailer Project Freight Heavy Haul
Tri-Axle Step Deck

Ship heavy pieces of equipment on tri-axle step deck trailers. The most cost effective method for hauling large machines, the extra axle allows for loading of heavier loads

Project Freight Heavy Haul Stretch RGN
Stretch RGN

Choose stretch RGN trailers to ship your extra long and tall pieces of heavy equipment, such as generators, silos, and tanks

Landoll Trailer Project Freight Heavy Haul
Landoll Trailer

Landoll trailers are great for hauling oversize equipment and are valued for their extra easy loading and unloading. Landoll trailers are perfect for equipment with low ground clearance or inoperable vehicles and machines

Flatbed Trailer Project Freight Heavy Haul
Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed trailer is ideal to ship equipment like skid steers and forklifts. When load height is not an issue, flatbeds offer the maximum amount of continuous legal deck space

Step Deck Trailer Project Freight Heavy Haul
Step Deck Trailer

Step deck trailers are used to transport larger equipment, such as bulldozers, wheel loaders, and service trucks. They're also known as "single drop" or "drop deck" trailers and are perfect for loads that would be too tall on a flatbed

RGN Lowboy Project Freight Heavy Haul
RGN - Lowboy

For your extra large, super heavy, or oversize pieces of heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers, choose an RGN. The Removable GooseNeck makes this trailer easy to load, and its low deck height is perfect for the tallest equipment