Landoll Trailer


Ask us about shipping your oversize load on a Landoll specialty trailer. Extra-easy loading and unloading!

Landoll specialty trailers are great for hauling oversize equipment. Offering design features that allow low-angle loading from the rear of the trailer, Landoll trailers are the preferred choice for moving extra-large heavy equipment. They’re usually slightly more expensive to use due to supply and demand.

Landoll trailers have all the positive aspects of RGN trailers, including increased clearance capacity and extended-length capabilities. Another unique structure specific to Landoll trailers, the traveling undercarriage roller system, allows Landoll trailers to carry more weight than the typical RGN trailer. In general, Landoll trailers can transport loads that max out at:

  • Weight: 5 tons to 60 tons.
  • Length: 48 feet to 74 feet.
  • Width: 8 ½ feet.
  • Height: 11 ½ feet.

For some types of equipment, Landoll trailers are the only option. The largest excavators, bulldozers and articulated dump trucks ride more comfortably on Landoll trailers than on any other trailers. For weight distribution and ease of access to the equipment, Landoll trailers are among the best in the business.

Types of Landoll Trailers

When you refer to Landoll trailers, you’re usually talking about trailers with the company’s patented travelling undercarriage roller system. The roller system efficiently distributes the weight of the load among the axles, allowing the Landoll trailer to carry larger loads than normal RGN trailers can haul.

Landoll trailers with the special undercarriage ride on either two or three axles. Landoll trailers have the special tilt-bed design that makes loading and unloading easy to accomplish. Other type of hydraulic trailers designed by Landoll include:

  • Detachable gooseneck trailers. Often used to haul farm equipment, Landoll RGNs feature two or three axles. If needed, a fourth axle can flip down.
  • Traveling-tail trailers. These trailers feature drop-down tails that provide rear-loading opportunities. Tails as long as 15 feet, with 11-degree angles.
  • Bottom-dump trailers. Used for hauling dirt and soil at construction sites or farms, these trailers let you drop the load out of the bottom of the trailer.

Landoll trailers are great for shipping multiple pieces of equipment at one time. Landoll trailers’ easy loading features let your driver balance the load with more precision that is possible with regular RGN trailers or step-deck trailers. To move your largest loads in the most efficient manner possible, Landoll trailers are the professional’s choice.

Loading a Landoll Trailer

The larger the equipment, the more difficult it is to load and unload. Between the tilting of the deck and the angle of the ramps, the ground-loading features of a Landoll traveling axle trailer are perfect for a one-man transportation project.

Landoll trailers’ better angles allow you to safely transport heavier equipment. There’s even a Landoll trailer that makes it easier to transfer cargo from train cars to the trailer. The steps for loading a Landoll traveling axle trailer include:

  • Extend the tail ramp. The low-angle on the tail ramp allows you to load and unload low-clearance equipment such as forklifts and man lifts.
  • Tilt the deck forward. A true innovation, tilting of the truck bed, combined with low-angle ramps, provides the easiest loading and unloading possible.
  • Return the deck to flat position. The newest Landoll trailers have simplified hydraulics that provides up to 50% more deck efficiency for quick transfers.

Your Landoll trailer can come equipped with outriggers for handling extra-wide equipment such as combines or cotton pickers. The largest Landoll traveling-axle trailers have three axles, run as long as 53 feet and can carry loads of up to 55 tons.

Heavy Equipment that Ships on a Landoll Trailer

The largest pieces of farm machinery, including combines and cotton pickers, travel best on Landoll trailers. Landoll also manufactures farming equipment, so they have a special understanding of the transportation needs of the agricultural community.

Landoll trailers are great choices for transporting construction equipment. Oversized mining equipment, such as screening plants and rock trucks, often ships on Landoll trailers. Another candidate for Landoll transport: paving equipment, such as asphalt layers and asphalt rollers. Equipment that often travels on Landoll trailers includes construction equipment like graders, trenchers, and scrapers as well as farm equipment like tractors and loaders