Triaxle Stepdeck
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Tri-Axle Stepdeck


Ship your heaviest pieces of equipment on tri-axle step-deck trailers. The most cost-effective method for hauling large machines.

Tri-axle step-deck trailers combine the efficiency of regular step-deck trailers with increased hauling capacity. The tri-axle step-deck trailers third axle allows your driver to legally transport more weight than a dual-axle trailer. When a few thousand pounds makes a big difference, the tri-axle step-deck is a great choice.

For your largest pieces of construction equipment or farm machinery, tri-axle step-deck trailers are cost-effective alternatives to RGN trailers. Tri-axle step-deck trailers feature maximum hauling capacities of:

  • Weight: 42,500 pounds
  • Length: 48 feet
  • Width: 8 ½ feet
  • Height: 10 feet

Tri-axle step-deck trailers provide you with another option for hauling your heaviest pieces of equipment. If your load fits properly on a tri-axle step-deck trailer, you can save money versus other methods of transport. Speak with your agent to figure out whether a tri-axle step-deck trailer is right for shipping your particular pieces of heavy equipment.

Why Choose a Tri-Axle Step Deck Trailer?

Most states allow trailers built with three axles to haul more weight than trailers with only two axles. When you’re shipping large pieces of heavy equipment that extra few thousand pounds can make the difference between travelling as an oversize load or not. If possible, you don’t want to pay oversize load fees.

It can be more cost efficient to pay a little extra for the services of a tri-axle trailer than it is to shell out for oversize permit fees to multiple states. Ask your agent to do the calculations for you. In general, tri-axle step-deck trailers feature:

  • Extra weight capability. You can carry about 5,000-6,000 pounds more with three axles instead of two. Most states limit dual-axles to 36,000 pounds.
  • Wide axle spreads. For stability, most tri-axle trailers are built with 10-foot spreads between their first and second axles. The third axle is in the rear.
  • Increased clearance. Don’t forget that step-deck trailers sit more than a foot lower than flatbed trailers. Double drops offer 11 feet of clearance.

Your alternative to the tri-axle step-deck trailer is the RGN trailer. Ask your transport agent to help you determine which type of trailer is more cost effective for your transport. If your shipment includes travel north of the border, tri-axle step-deck trailers also are allowed to carry more weight than dual-axle step-deck trailers in Canada.

Loading Tri-Axle Step Deck Trailers

Step-deck trailers load from the rear using ramps. The most difficult part of loading a motorized piece of equipment on a step-deck trailer is negotiating the ramps. Discuss with your transport agent whether your piece of heavy equipment can be safely driven aboard a step-deck trailer.

Tri-axle step-deck trailers also can transport multiple pieces of heavy equipment that together exceed the weight limits of dual-axle step-deck trailers. A couple tips for loading your tri-axle step-deck trailer are:

  • Make sure your ramps can support the equipment. Short ramps won’t work. Neither will home-made ramps. Ask your agent to check the ramps.
  • Load smaller equipment first. Prepare your small pieces of equipment to occupy the front deck. You’ll load from the rear, so these pieces go on first.

Another option for loading a tri-axle step-deck trailer is to use a crane. If you’re lifting your piece of equipment on and off the trailer, you don’t need to worry about the ramps. You will need to have cranes available at both the departure point and the destination point. Your transport agent can help you arrange cranes to lift your equipment on and off your tri-axle step-deck trailer.

Equipment that Ships on Tri-Axle Step Deck Trailers

Tri-axle step-deck trailers can haul anything that a regular step-deck trailer can transport. Smaller pieces of equipment, like warehouse forklifts or mini-excavators, can travel on the front deck of tri-axle step-deck trailers. That front-deck spot is nice for transporting extra attachments too.

The real benefit of the tri-axle step-deck trailer is that it can transport the largest versions of commercial heavy equipment. Type of heavy equipment that can be shipped include construction equipment like backhoes and bulldozers, as well as farm equipment like tractors and loaders.